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5 Reasons Companies (of ALL sizes) Should Consider Outplacement Services

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Also known as Career Transition Services, outplacement assistance is a career program for terminated and restructured employees that helps them with things like writing resumes, preparing for interviews, networking, navigating job boards and other tactics necessary to land a new job.

As New Zealand struggles out of a slowed economy, change of Government, and global headwinds, some companies are having to right-size to adapt to a new reality. Whilst we are seeing an uptick in business confidence and increased hiring intentions, it is sadly undeniable that we are also seeing others still having to make redundancies. While restructuring may lead to positive outcomes for the organization, it often leaves employees facing uncertainty about their future.

The offering of outplacement services is often seen as a luxury that only larger corporates with big HR teams can provide, but in reality it is also something that the SME market (which forms the bulk of JOYN’s client base) should not overlook, particularly as we have made the cost far easier to stomach (more on that later).

Here are five compelling reasons to consider why offering outplacement services is not only the right thing for your company to do, but could actually help with the morale, stability and retention of your remaining team.

Supporting Transition with Dignity

First and foremost, outplacement services provide a crucial lifeline for employees navigating job loss. Losing a job can be a profoundly disorienting experience, impacting financial stability, self-esteem, and overall well-being. Outplacement services offer a structured framework to support employees during this transition period, providing them with guidance, resources, and emotional support to navigate the job market effectively.

Protecting Employer Brand and Reputation

Offering outplacement services demonstrates a company’s commitment to its employees’ well-being, even in challenging times. By providing assistance to departing employees, companies can preserve their reputation as responsible employers who value their workforce. This proactive approach not only fosters goodwill among departing employees but also resonates positively with current and potential future employees, which is great for your employer brand.

Maintaining Productivity and Morale

Outplacement services can also mitigate the negative impact of layoffs on the morale and productivity of remaining employees. When employees witness their colleagues being supported through a difficult transition, it fosters a sense of trust and loyalty towards the company. This, in turn, can boost morale and maintain productivity levels during times of organizational change, making your company more resilient to face future uncertainties.

Accessing Specialized Expertise

Additionally, outplacement services often provide access to specialized expertise and resources that employees may not have on their own. From resume writing workshops to career coaching sessions, these services equip employees with the skills and knowledge needed to secure new employment opportunities effectively. By investing in outplacement services, companies empower their former employees to make successful career transitions, ultimately enhancing their employability and marketability.

Mitigating Legal and Financial Risks

Last but not least, offering outplacement services can help companies mitigate potential legal and financial risks associated with layoffs. Providing support to departing employees demonstrates a commitment to treating them fairly and ethically, reducing the likelihood of legal disputes or negative publicity.

Using JOYN for Outplacement Services

Ultimately, investing in outplacement services is not just a sound business decision but also a demonstration of corporate social responsibility and commitment to employee well-being.

JOYN is fortunate to work with the recruitment and career coaching specialist Bob Walker who is offering his expert outplacement services to JOYN clients at rates designed for the budgets of NZ’s SME market.

JOYN Consultant Bob Walker
Bob Walker – JOYN

“Being made redundant can affect just about every aspect of someone’s life and well-being, and there is so much an employer can do to assist with the transition. How an organisation approaches redundancy says a huge amount, in my view, about their true employment brand.

In my role as a career coach and outplacement specialist I work with people and organisations to provide outplacement support as a result of restructures and redundancy programs. I offer a tailored, structured and pragmatic process, giving the displaced employees the practical tools and support they need to get back into the job market in the most effective way.”

Contact JOYN to see if outplacement is something your company should consider, and the benefits of engaging Bob Walker to support your team.

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