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Gamification of Monotonous Work: Genius or Sinister?

Posted by Jonathan Rice on May 29, 2019 9:20:12 AM

Back in my England schooldays I had a "Saturday job" at Boots the Chemist.  There I was, every Saturday, with my classmates Vinny and Flibba (Paul and James to their parents), decked out in a pair of scratchy blue trousers, roughly-ironed white shirt, blue tie and name badge, bleary-eyed but ready to serve the public their chemical needs.

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Learning to Trust Your Remote Working Recruiter

Posted by Jonathan Rice on May 23, 2019 2:32:27 PM

Earlier this week I was alerted to an interesting comment from the Twitter feed of @StacyZapar who is a well-known US-based Employment Branding and Talent Acquisition (read: in-house recruitment) specialist:

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How Can JOYN Co-Exist with Recruitment Agencies?

Posted by Jonathan Rice on May 21, 2019 4:44:57 PM

I caught up with a recruitment agency client of mine recently who felt emboldened enough to ask me what apparently many others in the world of recruitment are asking:  How on earth can JOYN co-exist in the same time, place and space as a traditional recruitment agency?

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The Future Of (Getting To) Work

Posted by Jonathan Rice on Apr 26, 2019 10:27:35 AM

How did you get to work today? I’m directing this question mainly at Aucklanders as I write this blog while ferrying towards the City from the Upper Harbour. 

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How Joyn delivered better hires for these 3 companies

Posted by Jonathan Rice on Apr 23, 2019 11:55:14 AM

In recent blog posts we’ve covered off the data around JOYN. We like a bit of data for sure, especially numbers like these:

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Using Recruitment Agencies vs. DIY: We compare the pros & cons

Posted by Jonathan Rice on Apr 17, 2019 3:38:23 PM


In previous blog posts we’ve explored the two binary options traditionally faced by companies entering into a recruitment process to hire new staff:  Doing it for yourself, or appointing an external agency.

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How to Choose an External Recruitment Agency

Posted by Jonathan Rice on Apr 10, 2019 3:16:17 PM

There are many perfectly good reasons for engaging with an external recruitment agency when you need to hire someone for your business, but there are also many risks and pitfalls that can prove costly, if you don’t go about it the right way.

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DIY Recruitment: everything you need to know if you're going it alone

Posted by Jonathan Rice on Apr 8, 2019 3:17:00 PM

Next time you're recruiting, if you still want to go down the route of doing it yourself to save some money, make sure you're armed with these invaluable tips from recruiting experts:

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How to Respond When Your Employee Asks for a Raise

Posted by JOYN on Mar 23, 2019 12:04:00 PM

After a lot of contemplation, your employee has finally gathered the courage to ask for a pay rise.

Maybe they deserve a raise, but then what's the right amount? Or maybe you're not in a position to give a pay rise or your employee hasn't done anything to prove that they deserve it.

At some point, almost every employer has to deal with this scenario. It can be tough, but it can also be a constructive and rewarding experience, depending on how you handle it.

So, what's the right way to navigate the conversation?

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Tips and Hacks for Recruiting on Social Media

Posted by Jonathan Rice on Mar 22, 2019 12:03:05 PM

If you’re responsible for finding and hiring people to grow your team or your business, chances are your thoughts have wandered towards how you might make use of social media channels to aid in your hunt, especially when the job boards aren’t producing the right needles from the haystack.

Social media is all pervasive these days.  We use it for news, gossip, communication, relationships, recommendations, research and, yep, for cat photos and showing off too.  Basically, all of the things that make us human!  So, it’s a natural instinct to want to go there to find a human that could be just right for your company too.

According to online magazine Human Resources Director 92% of companies are using social media as part of their recruitment strategy.  Having worked in the recruitment industry for well over a decade now that number strikes me as surprisingly high, because I’d be amazed if many recruitment agencies even used it that frequently, and they’re getting paid (often too much) to fill their clients’ jobs.

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